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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Giveaway Time!

Ok.....Fall is here! I know we have all started to think holidays--Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! There are great ideas and giveaways popping up everywhere. As promised, I've got another couple of them myself.

I wanted to make these two giveaways easy, fun, and useful. For any of you that know me just a little, I thoroughly enjoy food and baking! Thus, the birth of the first of two back-to-back giveaways.

Here's what the winner of this giveaway will receive!

A "Pillsbury Dessert Recipes"16-month 2010 calendar
A Fall Notebook/Journal
Homemade Salsa and Jelly (made by ME!!)

So.....To enter, do your own post about one of your favorite recipes for a fall or holiday dessert!! Might be a cake, candy, bars, pie, or cookies. Basically anything that has sugar in it works for me!! Then just come back here and hook up to Mr. MckLinky with me.

Now by entering you not only have a chance to win this gift, but you get to see each other's favorite desserts right here. Think of how many you can browse through when you want to try something different.

And the second way to get an extra entry is to just send someone else over for the contest. The more the merrier! You'll get credit for how many you send. Just tell them to mention your name.


The DIY Show Off

I'm hooking up with DIY Show Off. I'm going to link up a recent bathroom redo. It went from yellowed wallpaper (ugh!) to some lightly applied texture, paint job, animal print, and feathers.

I am certainly enjoying the new look!
Check it out!


  1. Hi Diana,
    thanks for stopping by today.
    Always nice to meet a new friend.
    Hope you and your hubby have a fun time on your road trip. Road trips are always fun.
    Find lots of nice fall colors and scenery
    and show us pics of what you find.
    Look forward to hearing from you again.
    Have a great evening.
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. Oh I would love some of that homemade salsa...YUM Does my post about the apple pies count?

  3. Yummy! Well I am about to put the kids to bed and will get to this in a few~ great idea and great giveaway!

  4. What a lovely giveaway. I linked up my Gingerbread Cake as I had just made it and it's still on my mind and yummy! LOL

  5. Yeah! Sounds like FUN! I will have to dig out my recipe book!!!

  6. I need to do a post about an apple pie that I recently made. I want to enter your give-away!

  7. Hi Diana! I'm so glad that you popped onto my little ole blog yesterday. I did a post for pecan pie and linked it up but it's not showing yet, but it should here shortly.

    It wasn't raining today, so maybe when you come through Arkansas, you'll be bringing the sunshine with you!

  8. Thanks Diana always enjoy when you visit my blog!
    Anyone who loves oatmeal cookies might like the change up with chocolate and cranberries for the holidays. Look pretty jars with ribbons for holiday treats for those we know.
    Have a great day a nippy one here in Michigan

  9. Hi Diana...what fun...I've posted my recipe...it's easy and yummy

  10. Thanks for dropping by and leaving the note. This is a recipe my Mom use to make. I change it a little to suit our taste. Hope you all enjoy it.

  11. Hi Diana: I'll have to call my mom and get a recipe from her to post....she is my "cooking" inspiration....I am lovingly the family joke when it comes to doing anything in the kitchen!! I just am not what you call a good cook!

  12. Diana,

    Thank you so much for dropping by my blog today. I love that you live so close! Sometimes cyber world seems to big...but it just may not be so big after all. :)

    Sweet give-away....I'm not sure when the deadline is, but I happen to be makin' a cake tomorrow afternoon and would love to post it. I'll check back and see if I can still link up.

    Nice to meet you, friend!

  13. mmmm...so many yummy options! I finally entered....and LOVE the recipe I submitted!! Y'all need to try it! OH--I entered under my food blog name (Southern Suppertime) rather than my familiy blog, which is Surrounded-by-Boys.....Love to you and yours!!