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Sunday, April 17, 2016

 Updating through March with
 Miracles & Memories 


*Rick's brain surgery to remove the tumor! We had ZERO complications, medical errors, cancer, suffering, seizures, worsening pain, and fear of the future.

*In March, Rick tore something in his knee (in his words "not doing anything stupid"). He had to have arthroscopic knee surgery. He has had no pain from it!


*We are blessed with so many great memories of Aunt Bonnie. She passed away on January 6.

*Prior to Rick's scheduled surgery, our family took a road trip Jan. 13-17 to Gulfport, Mississippi. It was such a sweet, special time for us.

*Girls' trip to Hawaii (one of my few remaining states) was great.

*Rick and I got to camp for a few days in March.

*Rocky passed away in March. Jerry, Marilyn, and I went to the funeral. As we visited with the Kinnaird family, so many special times and people were brought to mind.

*We have enjoyed so many family dinners together the last several months. Huge blessing!

*Love watching Jonah, Glory, and Marlow (just wish they weren't growing quite so fast).