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Monday, October 30, 2023

Camping and California

Rick and I were able to squeeze in five days of camping at Ray Roberts the first of the month. We sure have missed getting to use the RV as much for various reasons (surgeries, games, etc. )  But we do hope to rectify this somewhat next year. 

Then last week Tim, Rick and I went to see Marci in California. We left on a Saturday and came back on Wednesday. This schedule prevented us from missing Jonah's football game. (His games have been priority since it is his senior year!) Marci took us to some of our favorite spots again which included Coronado Island, Camp Pendleton, a couple of favorite piers, and the beach. A repeat favorite that the guys wanted to do again was John Wayne's burial site and his boat the "Wild Goose. She was a great host and provided most of our meals on the back patio which we love! Unfortunately, Donnie was out of town.