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Sunday, October 25, 2020

 Homecoming Week In Spite of Covid!

Gunter's Homecoming Week was certainly not "normal." At the beginning of the week, our opponents canceled with us because of Covid issues. That changed how things would go off.  Wednesday the community pep rally at the stadium went on as planned. One big difference was they announced the homecoming court. Then they had the coronation that they usually do prior to Friday's game. Events were held with limited spectators. 

Friday we had the homecoming parade which was spectacular! I think more effort was put into this one to help the students and community have a great experience in spite of cover. 

Jonah was on the football float, and Glory was on a class float. Miss Molly took care of candy!


Tuesday, October 20, 2020

 Jenna and Jared's New Remodeled House

Jenna and Jared closed on their new house back on July 1st. After three and a half months of basically gutting and remodeling, we got to move them back in this past weekend. (They had been living with very gracious friends all this time.) The wait was very much worth it. It is beautiful. 

1980s vs 2020

Just one of many before/after pics...

Thursday, October 15, 2020

 Proud Mom!

Firefighter helmets have a 10-year service life from the manufacturing date. Justin's fire helmet was recently taken out of service as his had reached that mark. He was issued a new one and given the old one to keep. I have to admit this hit my heart with thankfulness and pride when he told me about this. 

A firefighting helmet has a long history, and THIS ONE has protected him on fire and medical calls hundreds of times! Thank you, God!

And then speaking of this week's thankfulness and pride.....

Jenna was recently featured in an article about how "everyday heroes do their part for the greater good of communities." She has been working hours upon hours at her hospital in leading staff to care for Covid patients since the pandemic began back in March. Keep leading strong, Jenna! We are proud. Thank you, God, for protecting her as well!