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Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween & Trunk or Treat

It was such a fun time this year. We had the best Clone Trooper, Fairy Princess, Little Elephant, and Tall Latte with Whip Cream you have ever seen in your whole life!

Papa and I were bikers at our church Trunk or Treat. Thanks to Tim for bringing his bike over!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

From the Lake on to Mansfield

We got home Thursday morning from the lake. We unpacked what little we had to and repacked. Within an hour or so, we were on the road to Mansfield. When I picked up Marlow from her daycare, she was as excited to see me as I was her!

Jenna and I ran some errands, cleaned a little, and had some good meals. Today, I got to take some 11-month old photos of Marlow.

Jenna and Jared had to cancel their Halloween party plans tonight as he woke up sick this morning. We came on home this afternoon because we were to leave early in the morning anyway.....have a busy Sunday.

Marlow Mae - 11 months old

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October Camping #2

We went to Ray Roberts again this week. We enjoyed having some special guests! It was Molly's first camping/lake experience. Although she won't remember it, I have it documented.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

An Eventful Family Weekend

Greg, Lisa, Anja, and Isabel came in from Nashville on Wednesday. We had not seen Lisa and Anja since Christmas and had not ever seen Isabel. It was so good to see all of them.

Jenna, Jared, and Marlow came in again on Friday for the weekend. Justin was off both Friday and yesterday so all of them were around, too. It was fun going to the pumpkin farm, playground, and being outside quite a bit. Jenna, Jared, and Marlow went to church with us, and then they went home this evening after another family meal.

Can I just say lots of fun with all the kiddos around?!

Jonah (11), Glory (8), Anja (2), Marlow (10 months), Isabel (3 months), and Molly (2 months).


Monday, October 17, 2016

 Reunited And It Feels So Good

Rick was weaning some calves off their mommas this past week. He brought some of the cows down to the corral. Our fairly new brahman bull, Duke, followed. He was so happy to see Sis, the horse.

When we first bought the bull, he and the horse had stayed together in the same lot for about six months. We were letting Duke grow and mature a little before he got turned out to the pasture. It was during that time they seemed to become real buddies.

They are so cute together!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Happy Campers

We just had three great nights away in the RV. We enjoyed day drives, perfect weather, and an afternoon visit with Keelie and the kiddos one afternoon.

God painted us beautiful sunsets while there!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cowtown Fun

Justin, Keelie and the kiddos spent a couple of days in Cowtown doing some great things with the kids. While there, they met up for dinner one evening with Jared, Jenna, and Marlow.

Love these people!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

 Annual Festival of Tables

Tonight we had our Annual Festival of Tables at church. It was such a great night. The ladies did an outstanding job with their tables.

Our music was led by a very special friend and member of our church. Although her mother was very ill in the hospital, she came on to our event where, as she said, she could be surrounded by "faith-filled women." We closed our night off with a special prayer for her mother.

Great food, fun, and fellowship as we worshipped the Lord....what JOY !

Reflecting Back on the 1st Week of October

Everyone was here for the weekend. We had carry-out pizza for dinner Friday night. Justin was recovering from "minor" surgery so he took it easy all weekend. We went to Jonah's flag football game Saturday at noon. After the game, Jared helped Rick with some dirt work. I grilled burgers for everyone Saturday evening.

Jenna, Jared, and Marlow went to church with us; everyone always enjoys seeing them. After church, we had lunch out. Unfortunately, Marlow began breaking out with that nasty hand, foot, and mouth rash. Because she couldn't go to her daycare with that stuff, Papa and I got to keep her here with us. That stuff only got worse Monday and Tuesday. Finally, by Wednesday she started turning the corner.

Thursday morning we went to Jenna and Jared's to take Marlow home. After Jenna got out of a meeting, she came home and worked there. So we got to enjoy lunch together. We spent the night with them and came home yesterday.