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Thursday, June 24, 2021

 Rick and Medical Issues

I thought I would document some issues that have been going on with Rick medically. First he had to do several weeks of chemotherapy cream treatments on his face beginning the first of May. It was not fun! Then the first of this month he had to have some urology surgery which kept him down and not moving much for two to three weeks. However during that time frame on Father's Day, he fell and cracked some ribs (AGAIN!). This was terrible for him. The first three weeks he slept in his recliner. So painful!

During the "ribs" recovery period, he had to go for his post op visit. The surgeon helped him on and off the table. A few days later we had to go for his annual MRI and neurological doctor visit. Finally all the appointments were done. Phew! 

Can I say this man is tough?!