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Monday, November 30, 2015

Baby Showers

Jenna was very blessed to have friends and family host baby showers for her. Kelly gave a family one at her home in McKinney. Most of the guests were Jared's relatives. The second shower was held in Mansfield for friends and family down there. The next one was hosted by Keelie at her house. Then Jenna's staff hosted one for her at the hospital in Dallas. 

Jenna was so appreciative and, at the same time, stressed that people were having to get her something. Baby girl is going to find out soon how blessed she is to have such special family and friends.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving Week 2015

On Monday, we had a great evening over at Keelie and Justin's house. She cooked a super meal, and we just enjoyed being together. On Tuesday and Wednesday Jenna had to go to the ER and doctor's office. Although the baby was not quite ready to make her entrance, Jenna was put on bed rest until the baby was ready to come. Therefore, she was not allowed to make the hour trip home. Rick and I packed up the RV and came down Thanksgiving morning. We will be here for as long as we need or want to be here (a blessing in itself because I am no longer working!). 

First of all, I have never traveled on Thanksgiving. That was weird. Secondly, Rick and I had never spent this holiday by ourselves! That was weird, too. (Although we were invited to Jared's grandmother's home, we wanted them to have their dinner as usual.) So Rick and I finally found an Applebee's open. (That was better than the McDonald's and Jack-in-the Box we found open.)

As I said, this was the first Thanksgiving Day EVER that I had not been with family. Marilyn and I kept thinking it was a little weird and even a little sad that we weren't together. Neither of her boys were here, but she did have Anja so that helped her.

Friday we spent the day over at Jenna and Jared's. I put up her Christmas tree, Rick watched television, and Jared finished a project. Jared cooked us two great meals, and we just enjoyed being together. Last night we had dinner that one of Jared's aunt and uncle's made for us.

Thanksgiving week 2015 was different but yet a great week. We are so thankful for the many blessings we have. We are thankful for the One who gives us His grace and mercy that we do not deserve.

Now we wait.......for another blessing. Our new baby granddaughter will be here soon!

P.S. In 1982, we had a really different kind of Thanksgiving celebration. Marilyn was pregnant with Greg. We were all together but we didn't cook; we ate out with the family. We knew "thankfulness" had nothing to do with where you ate or what you ate! She delivered the next morning.

P.S.S. Justin has been checking our rain gauge at home. To present, we have had 7.75 inches this Thanksgiving weekend.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


My first long trip pulling the 5th wheel was to Branson. My main concern was having to stop for fuel. We made our first stop on an interstate at a truck stop. That worked wonderful -- lots of room! We enjoyed camping in Branson again and got to see four or five great shows while we were there. Coming home we hit the same truck stop for fuel. I would have loved to go back this month to catch some of the Christmas shows but decided we couldn't get that far away from home with the baby to arrive soon! Another time.....

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My Son's Servant Heart

Justin was recently ordained as a deacon at his church. He is such a special, loving person. He has and always will make me so proud. I love the way he loves God. I love the way he loves all of his family. I love the way he serves others. I am brought to tears as I reflect upon all the precious memories he has given me throughout the years. I loved the little boy he was, and I love the man he is!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Party for Jonah & Glory 

The kids had a combined family party for their birthdays. The weather was beautiful and perfect for a backyard celebration. After a meal, cake and ice cream, there was a kickball game with all the kiddos (big and small) taking part. 

Jonah is now ten, and Glory is seven. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Trips and a Move in August

The kids all went to Minnesota in August just not at the same time. Jared and Jenna got to go to the Hibbing area for a mini-reunion with some of his family. They had a good, relaxing time. At that point Jenna was about at the 24-week mark of her pregnancy and still free to travel. 

Justin and Keelie then went the next week to the area near Brainerd, Minnesota to be with Greg and Lisa. They had a great time and hope to go back during the winter so they can ice fish. 

Marilyn and I had been to both areas of Minnesota back in mid 2013 when we went on a girls' trip. We loved our time there, too.

At the end of August, Jared and Jenna closed on a house. Rick and I took the RV to Joe Pool Lake for five or six days of camping to help them move. The housing market during this time was simply crazy. For every house that went up for sale there would be multiple offers during the first day or two; all the offers would be for more than asking prices. Houses were a hot commodity! 

Theirs is a great house in the area that they wanted.  They got to make an offer before it went on the market. Their patience and willingness to listen to God's voice all along the five or six month house-hunting journey paid off. (Jared's mom was so sweet to allow them to stay with her during that interim time.) 

I was so thrilled when the pressure was off of them to find a house. They were now free to settle in and prepare for the baby!

I Resigned!

I began my part-time job as a diagnostician as usual in August. But after only two weeks I resigned. I had prayed all summer for clear direction as to whether I should continue to work until December at which time I would take a leave of absence or whether to quit before school started. I knew from past experiences that I would get a peace about it when the timing was right. I so did not want to let my fear replace my faith in making a decision.

And then, in God's timing, whether mine or not, two weeks into the new school year He let me know in a very clear, commanding nudge I should quit. I haven't looked back. It's been a great thing; burdens were lifted off my shoulders!

Rick has really enjoyed me not working. We have done some things we couldn't have done if I had not quit. Regardless if he has to have surgery or not in January we don't and won't regret the move. And of course, we will be free to not only see the grands - Jonah and Glory - next door, but we will be free to get down to see our new granddaughter more often after she arrives in December. 

God is Good!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

How Do I Catch Up?
Why did I do this? Why did I let it get so out-of-hand? My journaling has been null - zip - goose egg - nada. 

It's not because I have had nothing to document and/or share. Quite the contrary. Some bloggers I think would understand my dilemma. We just find ourselves getting busy with life and don't take the time to journal. 

But good grief! I have August through November now to catch up on. Not sure this is going to be easy.