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Monday, January 18, 2021

 Camping in the Hill Country

We left Sunday, January 3 for Kerrville where we camped for a couple of weeks. We usually camp in Fredericksburg but wanted to venture to a new campground. We had a great campsite at the park there in Kerrville. Our only issue was the wifi but the scenery was so pretty. We took some day trips to Comfort, Bandera, Luckenbach, and Fredericksburg. It was a great trip.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Christmas, New Year, and Covid 

We are those people! Marilyn and I decorate for Christmas early every year. But especially this year it was necessary to do it more so than ever. 

On December 18, Chad's nanny and her husband tested positive for Covid so now the Christmas gatherings got changed after his family had to go into quarantine. I decided to try to keep Marlow and Jackson safe from exposure at daycare right at Christmas time so I kept them here in Gunter from Sunday to Wednesday before Christmas. Christmas Eve (Thursday) Jared and Jenna came in. Marilyn got to pick Greg and the girls up at the airport Christmas Day. It was a crazy day for her though as she had no communications with Greg the entire day. We had all found out that there was a bombing in Nashville that knocked out all the ATT services and the airlines also had some issues. The plane was only 45 minutes late, and they arrived back in Gunter at 9:00 pm. Family Christmas could begin. We had all the kids present with the exception of Chad and his family who were all still quarantining. 

Saturday (December 26) at noon while we were getting ready for lunch, Rick got a call from Mindi that he could get a Covid shot. We were so thankful he got it! 

Saturday was set aside as our family Christmas with food, gifts, and games. Santa did not come in person this year, but he did leave a sack of goodies on the front porch that the girls found on one of their Rhino rides. The food was a charcuterie tray for lunch and Chicken Fried Steak for dinner. We did dinner earlier than normal so we would not be rushed during our games. Games this year consisted of smelling candles, craps, counting marbles, "lump of coal" Saran Wrap, golf, candy cane/ toilet paper, etc. Tim came for dinner and watched some of the game fun. 

Jenna and her family left on Sunday. On Tuesday morning, Marilyn had to take Greg and the girls back to the airport. 

None of Chad's family got the virus, and they came to celebrate. Justin's family had now been exposed to the virus, so they were quarantined, and Chad did not get to spend time with the cousins. Rick and I did go to Marilyn's to spend time with them.

New Year's Eve Rick and I watched television and actually made it to midnight. 

Yesterday January 2, Rickie, Marilyn and I got our first covid vaccines. Praise God!

Rick and I have had many special moments throughout the past twelve months. Thank you Justin, Keelie, Jared, Jenna, and our five grandchildren for giving us the best gifts of all.....your love, and time! We are thankful we could continue to worship with our church family whether online or in person. We are thankful that Marilyn and Rickie had light covid cases and that no one else in our family got it. We are thankful that most of our family members have now been vaccinated. Keelie and Jared will get theirs soon and that will complete the list!

As we look forward to 2021...praying we all are encouraged and hopeful for a "more normal" year. God is in control and He loves us. We must all continue to have an attitude of gratitude for He is good!