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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Our Christmas

Jenna and the family came on Friday for Christmas. Saturday evening was Keelie's Annual Christmas Girls' PJ Party. As always, it's a fun time. Marlow officially joined "the girls" this year. The guys had hooked up Jonah's Xbox in the game room so they were set.

On Sunday (23rd), Jenna and the family went to church with us; we then had a light lunch at Marilyn's. Because Justin was to be on duty the next morning (Christmas Eve), our family Christmas was that night . For the second year in a row, we had grilled steaks for our meal. Unfortunately, Rick was in great pain all afternoon and finally had to go to bed. He missed the meal as well as most of the night.

Tim, Chad, Tara, and Fitz were with us. We had a visit from Santa after our meal. Everyone loved him except Marlow and Jackson who got caught off guard with no warning of a possible "Santa" visit; so they were not thrilled.

On Christmas Eve, Jenna and Jared went to Kelle's. We went to our Christmas Eve Candlelight service that night.

Christmas Day we had some down time and enjoyed lunch at Justin and Keelie's. That evening we had a meal at Marilyn's as Greg and family had arrived.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

End-of -Year Anniversaries

November 21 - Jared and Jenna 4 years

December 15 - Justin and Keelie 17 years

December 16 - Us 41 years

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Marlow's 3rd Birthday and First "School" Program

Marlow's 3rd birthday party was the day before her birthday. Her house was full of guests. Justin, Jonah, Glory, Molly, Marilyn, Chad, Tara, and Fitz were able to come to Mansfield for the party.

Last night, we went back down to see her in her first Christmas Program. You never know how those things will go, but she did very well.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Our Thanksgiving Weekend

Jenna and family came in Wednesday afternoon. Our family Thanksgiving meal was Thursday evening at Marilyn's. Justin was off. Chad, Tara, and Fitz got to be with us. Greg and his family did not come in. Tim joined us as well. We enjoyed family photo time. After a huge meal, we did our traditional Christmas craft time with the kiddos.

This is a cute pic of Chad, Tara, Fitz, and Baby Davis #2 - due in July.

Friday night we enjoyed a patio pizza party. It warms this momma's heart to have such special times with my family!

Saturday, Justin had to work. Jared, Jenna, and I took the kiddos to the Gainesville zoo. It was a perfect "weather" morning to go.

After church this morning, Jenna and Jared packed up to go home. 

Friday, November 16, 2018

Babysitting in Tennessee

Rick and I got to fly to Franklin with Marilyn Saturday. We babysat Anja and Isabel while Greg and Lisa went on a weekend trip. We had so much fun with them. Like most little girls, they love princess costumes and art supplies!

The girls went to their daycare for a few hours both on Tuesday and Wednesday; so we took Rick out to see some sights around Nashville. We flew home yesterday.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Camping Trip and a New Truck

Rick and I went camping at Ray Roberts this week. The weather was great. Justin, Glory, and Molly came over one afternoon to hang out with us. We enjoyed using our small fire pit for the first time on this trip.

After having truck issues this summer going both to and from Colorado, we had decided that we had to find something else before we took another long trip. We purchased one Tuesday (the 30th). It is not brand new but is in great condition; we look forward to many more camping trips with it and the RV.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Grandkids Growing So Fast!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Jerry Hit the Road

Jerry left for the valley today. He will be back probably late March. I am so excited for him as he is going to Italy for a week in December. I know he is going to love it!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Michigan Girls' Trip

Cheyrl, Marilyn, and I flew into Traverse City, Michigan on a 5:15 a.m. flight! Rickie took us to a nearby hotel Saturday night, and we shuttled VERY early Sunday morning to the airport.

This was such a memorable trip. We were so blessed to hit Michigan when the fall foliage was absolutely amazing. Early in the week we thought the foliage was great. But with each day and every turn, it just got better and even more amazing!

Some of the daily highlights:

Sunday, Oct. 7
*Lunch at Traverse City Pie Co. (scrumptious caramel apple pie)
*Tunnel of Trees
*Spent the night in Petoskey

Monday, Oct. 8
*Self-guided tour of Mushroom Houses
*Tour of Castle Farms in Charlevoix
*Meal at Village Pub (yummy coconut shrimp)
*Ferried to Mackinaw Island; this is an incredible island where no motor vehicles are allowed; stayed at Bicycle Street Hotel

Tuesday, Oct. 9
*Carriage tour around the Island
*Tour of Grand Hotel
*I got hit with UTI
*Went back to Mackinaw City by way of "Mighty Mac" bridge

Wednesday, Oct. 10
*Old Water Tower of Manistique
*House of Ludington Hotel

Thursday, Oct. 11
*Presque Isle Park
*Lakenenland Sculpture Park
*Marquette Lower Iron Ore Dock
*Superior Dome
*Because of extremely high winds, our tour of Picture Rock National Lakeshore was cancelled.
*Tahquamenon Falls

Friday, Oct. 12
*Whitefish Bay
*Mission Hill Overlook (light snow as we left here)
*Crossed over into Canada for a drive

Saturday, Oct. 13
*Back to Traverse City for flight home
*Ended with another awesome meal at Great Traverse Pie Co. (with more caramel apple pie)