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Monday, July 28, 2014

This has been a great month for many reasons. Today reason #3

The Bountiful Garden - I think for this "gardener wanna be" it's the best one we have ever had. Thanks to Justin and Jerry for helping!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

This has been a great month for many reasons. Today reason #2

Lake Vacation With The Family - We got to spend a few days tucked away in a rented house about 2 1/2 hours away with our family last week. It just so happened to be during our cool "spell" here in North Texas. It was so wonderful even if it was a little chilly out on the lake. It was mostly in the 70s so we didn't have to sweat! 

Rick and I were so blessed to have this time with them.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

This has been a great month for many reasons. Today reason #1

Fireworks and Family Time - The benefits of the kids having a firework stand is that we have lots of good family time gathered around the stand or the kitchen table sharing meals together. Marilyn and I cooked for a week for all our kiddos and their friends that popped in whenever. On the 4th, they were contracted for three different city shows. Each one of them went off without a hitch! Thank you, Lord, for safe, fun shows!

The Family

Jenna, Jared, and His Family

The Cousins

Justin looks so much like my dad!!!!
My Girls

Marilyn and the Fam

Blessed Beyond Measure!!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

June Notes

The first weekend of June continued the frenzy. Our niece, Ashton, graduated from high school on the first Friday night. Then on Saturday of that same weekend we attended a wedding (Nic and Emily's) in Dallas. 

Jenna and I found a DJ and a photographer. 

Cheyrl, Marilyn and I took our summer girls' trip. We went to Montana, Idaho, and Oregon. We did cross back over into Canada again for the day and touched Washington state as well. One of the highlights for me included a 118-mile trip through Hells Canyon via Snake River. FANTASTIC! Another highlight was touring a glass house in Boswell, British Columbia made out of over 500,000 embalming fluid bottles!!

We had a ladies' night out at church. It yielded lots of fun, laughter and great Mexican food.

Keelie and Jenna held a baby shower for Greg and Lisa with family and a few close friends attending. We had it at Keelie and Justin's house. They did a great job, and she got a nice shower. They are having a baby girl; she is due October 15.

Fireworks season began!

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Once again I find myself playing catch up with journaling/posting. Several major events occurred in May. Here's a quick rundown.

Rick retired from Texas Instruments after working there 37 years and 7 months. We had a retirement party here at the house for family and a few close friends. Brenda made this cute cake for him.

Jenna and Jared got engaged. We are so excited! Jared is a great guy, and our family is thrilled! The wedding is planned for November 21.

Rick and I traveled to Denver. Jenna was sent by the hospital to a conference there, so we stayed with her in the hotel. After the conference was over, we headed up to Estes Park for a few days to see some of our old stomping grounds. We had such a good time going through Rocky Mountain National Park again. We even managed to begin some of the wedding details at night -- got to love laptops, iPads, and WiFi.

We called a new pastor to our church. Love him and his sweet family!

Jenna and I booked the wedding venue. Then we had a girls' day out and found "the dress." Such a fun and special time!

Rick had another MRI. The tumor appeared to be stable!