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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Family Weekend

Jenna and Jared came into town on Friday. Jenna actually came from work, and Jared came after picking up Marlow and Jackson. Because Tara is out of town, Chad and Fitz drove in from Houston for the weekend. Fitz is now 10 months old, and his baby sister is due in July.

We were fortunate that Justin was off so he, Keelie, and the kiddos all got to come for a family meal Friday evening at the house. Justin had smoked some wonderful meat, so the rest of the meal was easy peasy to throw together. Marilyn and Rickie were able to eat and then had to leave; they had a concert already scheduled. Saturday we all went down to her house. We had lunch and dinner there. We played cards after things settled down.

Jenna, Jared, Glory, Marlow, Jackson, Chad and Fitz all went to church with us today. After lunch, everyone had to head home.

(Jenna caught this sweet moment at church.)