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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

2021 Fourth of July

These three weeks or so around the July 4th season give us many opportunities for much family memory-making fun. We had 19 days of food, family, fun, crafts, and fireworks. The weather was great for firework season. We added a water slide this year to our activities for all the little ones. In addition to that we took all of them to a neighbor's pool several times. Marilyn and I fed 14 to 22 people each meal. The boys did four private shows and three city shows. Because of a shortage of fireworks, they did not get all the order in; so what we did have, we sold everything out. Randy's stand closed about 4 PM on the fourth and brought us their leftovers. By the time the boys got home from their shows, we had sold everything in the stand. It was a great year with great stories.