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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving Week 2015

On Monday, we had a great evening over at Keelie and Justin's house. She cooked a super meal, and we just enjoyed being together. On Tuesday and Wednesday Jenna had to go to the ER and doctor's office. Although the baby was not quite ready to make her entrance, Jenna was put on bed rest until the baby was ready to come. Therefore, she was not allowed to make the hour trip home. Rick and I packed up the RV and came down Thanksgiving morning. We will be here for as long as we need or want to be here (a blessing in itself because I am no longer working!). 

First of all, I have never traveled on Thanksgiving. That was weird. Secondly, Rick and I had never spent this holiday by ourselves! That was weird, too. (Although we were invited to Jared's grandmother's home, we wanted them to have their dinner as usual.) So Rick and I finally found an Applebee's open. (That was better than the McDonald's and Jack-in-the Box we found open.)

As I said, this was the first Thanksgiving Day EVER that I had not been with family. Marilyn and I kept thinking it was a little weird and even a little sad that we weren't together. Neither of her boys were here, but she did have Anja so that helped her.

Friday we spent the day over at Jenna and Jared's. I put up her Christmas tree, Rick watched television, and Jared finished a project. Jared cooked us two great meals, and we just enjoyed being together. Last night we had dinner that one of Jared's aunt and uncle's made for us.

Thanksgiving week 2015 was different but yet a great week. We are so thankful for the many blessings we have. We are thankful for the One who gives us His grace and mercy that we do not deserve.

Now we wait.......for another blessing. Our new baby granddaughter will be here soon!

P.S. In 1982, we had a really different kind of Thanksgiving celebration. Marilyn was pregnant with Greg. We were all together but we didn't cook; we ate out with the family. We knew "thankfulness" had nothing to do with where you ate or what you ate! She delivered the next morning.

P.S.S. Justin has been checking our rain gauge at home. To present, we have had 7.75 inches this Thanksgiving weekend.

1 comment:

  1. Oh- A new baby is almost there!!! Can't wait for pictures and news!
    It is weird when you don't spend Thanksgiving with family. Two years ago I was too sick to go and spent it by myself- watching movies and sipping diet coke. But, there are always blessings even in those odd times, too.

    Hope you have a great week and a new baby soon! xo Diana