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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

 Clutter Buster 101

My summer goal of organizing and de-cluttering prevails. Yesterday was profitable. The kitchen was the target! I cleaned out the catch-all drawer. You know the kind that just catches anything and everything. It had at least two dozen pens, a pacifier not used in 3 years, gum, receipts, loose paper clips, tape, needle and thread, photos, a silver bell souvenir from a wedding, and…….. 

Please, please tell me you have one of these drawers, too!

Then I went through several cabinets. Glass containers and bowls got matched with lids—imagine that! All the cool whip and Glad storage thingees either got paired with a lid or went to the trash. (This issue drives me nuts when you can’t find the lid to the silly thing.)

One special corner of the cabinet area, also got cleaned and foo-fooed up a little. I previously had a cute little television there. I couldn't watch it anymore; I didn't want a HD converter box sitting there. So basically, it was taking up space. (I moved it to a storage closet to keep it though; it’s great when traveling because you can use it in the car.) The best part was I didn't even need to make new purchases to update the corner. I had a picture frame someone had given me, and then brought in a stored little lamp. Added a candle and WAALAA!

As I was cleaning throughout the day, I took advantage also of cooking lunch for myself, preparing dinner for Rick, and canning five more pints of salsa. Whew! And then finally late yesterday afternoon, the sign went back up…….

(Tomorrow I think I'll tackle a closet!)


  1. Sure will! Maybe we can come see you soon. Talk to your mom.

  2. Picture of the foo-foo'd corner?

  3. Great job....and yes I have one of those drawers....um make that a couple.

  4. Wow, you were very busy! It always feels so good after you clean out some drawers, and tidy things up. I have a couple of junk drawers in my kitchen. One drawer is small, and I don't know what to do with it...so things get thrown in there...until I can figure out where to put them! Most of the time, things just go back in the drawer! :o) Keep up the good work!