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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wild Thing.......

Early this morning, my dear husband, who probably had a dozen other things he could have rattled off in a matter of seconds that he would have rather been doing, went to help me pick wild blackberries. Awesome! 

If you have never had the experience of doing this, let me give you a few hints. 

1. Wear long sleeves. We didn't do this.
2. Wear long pants and sturdy shoes. We didn't do this.
3. Consider taking gloves. After your hands and arms are scratched, you may appreciate these. We didn't have these either.
4. Take a plastic container. We DID this!

(Basically, we both were in our shorts, t-shirts, and sandals. Husband had coffee in hand.)

5. When picking wild berries, pick only the ones that are dark, plump, and shiny. We DID this!
6. Gently pull the wild blackberries off the vines and place them in the container. We DID this! Aren't they beautiful?
7. After you get the job completed, wash your hands gently. Remove any thorns and medicate as needed. We DID this.

Now, I am in the kitchen trying to decide which I will make...

By the way, tomorrow we will be berry pickin' again. However, I will be tweeking steps 1-3.

Have a berry happy day!


  1. Yes, the berries look beautiful, and I am sure whatever you made is delicious. (or already all eaten)

  2. I love blackberries. They look delicious! What did you decide to bake with them?

  3. There is about nothing I love more than picking blackberries! We always take out kids with us, and I have crust's ready for pies, and jars ready for jam when we return. I slack off a lot during the picking time, because I have to WORK when I get back home! Mmmmmm, pie.

  4. Well, it was definitely between the cobbler and pie. So...I put my blackberry mixture in an uncooked pie crust. Then topped it off with a dough mixture (from Bisquick). It was the best of both and actually turned out well--sort of semi-homemade!

  5. That sounds like a really great idea! (of course, you're always full of great ideas)

    I am sure that Marilyn is missing you on the Mission trip!