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Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's Giveaway Time!

As promised, my Christmas giveaway is ending today--July 25 (my birthday). Thanks to everyone who participated! Just to let you know how this was done. I chose not to use a computer generated winner. Instead, the old fashion way.....names on paper. My husband did the drawing for me.

And the winner is (drum roll...........)

Just email me with all your mailing information. My email is 


  1. Happy Birthday, Diana! I hope you had a fabulous day!!

    Congratulations to Melinda on winning the giveaway!

  2. What fun! I love parties and gifts, and precious birthdays.

    Happy day ... and many to come.


  3. Happy Birthday Diana. I know this is a day late, however I hope you had a wonderful one.

    Congrats to the winner. Enjoy!!

  4. I hope your week, weekend, birthday were all wonderful and that you have a great Sunday.

    Congratulations to Melinda!

  5. I'm so sorry I missed your Christmas giveaway!!! Shoooot. Congrats to the winner ~ I hope you had a super happy birthday and it was filled with fun and family (or friends, whichever you have more fun with - ha ha)! Thanks for popping by my blog - I just posted my first giveaway - eeeeekkkkk. Have a good rest of your weekend ~ :)

  6. I would throw a fit and say that it was all rigged, but since you went ahead and gave me my very own towel this weekend, I will not demand a re-draw. Glad I got to see you this weekend and give you your birthday wishes in person. Love you!