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Saturday, March 28, 2009


This week a cousin on the Scoggins side mailed us a CD with probably 300 family pictures on it. We feel like we have just discovered buried treasure! Because Daddy was one of twelve children himself, when they took individual and groups shots, there were many! A large number of the photos we have never seen before. Instantly, two of these pictures became "gold" to me!

The first thing I did after viewing them myself was to immediately send an electronic copy to Justin, Jenna and Keelie. The primary reason as confirmed when you look at it is that you see the very strong resemblance between Justin and my dad--not new information by the way. The other reason lies with the second picture. Marilyn and I have known for years we were raised as twins. Documented!!! What "darlings" we were dressed alike and basically wearing the same wonderful haircut as well.

The Scoggins family took MANY pictures. Guess that was passed down to our generation as well; Marilyn and I both carry cameras in our purses. Will share more of the treasure in the future.

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