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Sunday, March 15, 2009

God Bless Texas!

Yesterday we had a great "touristee" day. The first of our two excursions was the McDonald Observatory. It is located in the heart of the Davis Mountains. Supposedly, they are one of the major astronomical research facilities in the world in conjunction with The University of Texas in Austin. The Solar Viewing program included interactive telescope views of sunspots, flares, and more. Then we had a 90-minute guided tour featuring one of the Observatory's largest research telescopes. Wow! For anyone to see this and deny God's existence is simply ludicrous.

The second excursion yesterday was the Fort Davis National Historic Site. It has to be one of the best remaining examples of a restored frontier fort. The visitor's center is located in what was originally an enlisted men's barracks complete with a museum and an auditorium. You are then free to walk the grounds to see replicas of other enlisted men's barracks as well as the commissary, the post hospital, the officers' kitchen and servants' quarters, and the commanding officer's quarters.

This is all documented, of course, digitally. I would be so excited to share just a few of these pictures with you right now. However, I forgot the card reader. But get ready-- I will bore you later!

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