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Monday, March 16, 2009

Majestic Mountains

This morning we had a quick breakfast and got on the road. In a little less than two hours, we actually wondered if we were still in Texas. Big Bend National Park is something like we had never thought Texas could look like. You see the vastness. You feel the remoteness. We marveled over the dark shadows of the Chisos Mountains. Rick has become very intuitive through the years to know when he needs to pull over for a picture when we are out on a day trip. In this case, every turn could have definitely warranted another photo stop. But with 800,000 acres in the park, you just can't do that!

At noon, we had one of our famous picnics that we love so much. There's something about sandwiches, chips, soft drinks, and cookies on the tailgate of "BIG RED" in the mountains!

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