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Friday, March 27, 2009

Joining the Ranks

Friends had been strongly suggesting I join TRTA—Texas Retired Teachers’ Association. They said I could really get some great price breaks on travel and other things as well. So, I finally got the application yesterday and completed it. I’m into that travel thing! Along with the application, I got a “Benefits for Members Only” sheet to inform me of all the great things I could take advantage of.

I was doing the speed reading thing through the handouts getting really excited about the discounts a member can receive for “Travel” and “Computers.” They even threw in a “Vision” plan. No problem. Then we got to the “not so feel good stuff” --- “Hearing Aid Plan,” “Stroke Scans,” and “Medical Alert” information. Wait a minute! This feel-so-good plan took a sudden detour down a road I really didn’t want to be on.

Breathe! I collected myself, mailed the silly thing, and just gave thanks. I am semi-retired, loving life, and blessed by God in so many ways. Just don’t want to need some of those benefits for a long time!

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