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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Aunt Bonnie's 91st

Yesterday was a special day for a special lady.  Jane hosted a celebration at her house in honor of Aunt Bonnie who turned 91 years young!  She really is unbelievable. She is still in what I think is good health. She lives at home where she cooks and cleans for herself.  She has a memory that far exceeds mine. And to be quite honest, she has better complexion than I do.

Aunt Bonnie got to visit with many family and friends today that all consider her a blessing in their lives!

Jane had a beautiful table of refreshments just perfect for an October birthday celebration!


  1. This is a wonderful post and happy birthday to your Aunt Bonnie. What sweet photos.

  2. Sweet picture of Aunt Bonnie and the food is so colorful. Looks like a nice celebration!

  3. Hi Diane:
    I just hopped over here to catch up with your blogs. WOW! I've missed some really big things you've been dealing with. How great that your hubby is doing so well, he looks terrific! My hubby would sure relate to the Rooster Cogburn name, he is such a John Wayne fan too. Your daughter did a precious job describing your team, and raised awareness, as well as some good $$. Good for her!

    I'll be praying for complete recovery and healing, and it sure sounds like he is on the way! :)