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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Spinning Plates

The question “How do you find balance in your life?” has been asked over and over. You may have heard it posed to someone during an interview either in person or on the television.

Have you ever given this some thought personally? Well, I am throwing this one out to you today.

Now, first let me say I acknowledge that as Christians we know it takes faith, prayer, daily communion with God, and many other attributes of a meaningful relationship with Him to find true joy and peace.

But for just a second, let’s talk though about the nitty gritty of our day-to-day “earthly” challenges. As a mom, daughter, wife, etc. I know we all have days where we begin to “feel” the spinning of the plates!

Bottom line….what do YOU do?

Is it a pedicure? Is it a girls’ night out? A hot bath? A shopping trip? A workout? Saturday outing? Listening to music?

You get the idea. So again--what do YOU do? Leave me a comment. We are all ears!!


  1. I am actually very fortunate at this time of my life. The kids are grown and moved out. (no more running around with them for sports) I get to still stay at home. My life has calmed down considerably in the last 5 years and I love it!! Now I get to spend free time with my 16 month old granddaughter.

  2. I like to do all the things you mentioned but for some reason going to a movie really helps me. For the couple of hours I am in a movie I can tune every single thing out and it's almost like time stands still during that time.Stress-free and relaxing. Now, if they could just make a few more decent/clean movies I would be in good shape.

  3. Time in the garden/yard calms me and allows me the solitude to "listen" to God. The flowers in the summer, the birds in the winter give me great joy amid the storms of life.

  4. I love to shop. That really mellows me out. I also love a good pedicure.

  5. going fishing...riding on the back of my hubbies motorcycle...I can just be free...not have to think....just enjoy the sights....and sounds....

  6. I take a nap, a hot bubble bath, watch something I love on tv. eat some chocolate, or ice cream... just relax..........
    Blessings today!

  7. Hot bath works for me...while reading a good book....

  8. A good book is very relaxing. But most of the time if stressed, grab some chocolate.

  9. Taking a long walk with my husband and our puppies! Followed by hot tea, a fire in the fireplace and HGTV!!