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Monday, June 1, 2009

1. planting St. Augustine grass
2. first weekend of summer vacation
3. pizza with Jonah
4. "Cracker Barrel" breakfast with Rick
5. worship time
6. pretty flowers
7. summer plans
8. seeing Greg and Chad
9. a cookout for Justin, Keelie, and Kelley
10. Saturday afternoon with Jenna and Jonah


  1. The cookout was fun. Thanks for hosting! Can you post the recipe for the cheese/jalapeno squares? It was great!

  2. I enjoyed WATCHING yall plant the grass!

  3. Keelie,
    The squares were made by adding stuff to a jar of purchased jala. pepper mixture. I bought the stuff at a craft show but am checking to see if more can be purchased online or through mail. Will let you know.