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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 10

Well, today has proven to be another adventure in itself. We arrived at the Vancouver Airport this morning to be greeted by a smiling young lady. We knew something was up when she said, “Good morning, ladies. WERE you going to Dallas/Fort Worth this morning?’

It seems our noon flight had been cancelled due to mechanical problems with the plane. No problem! We certainly didn’t want to find out later during the flight there were issues. All passengers were to be re-routed out on different flights and even different airlines. Fortunately, after waiting patiently in line, we were given alternative arrangements. We eventually flew on Alaskan Airways to Los Angeles. (The LA airport has proven to be a sideshow.) We ate our lunch/dinner meal at Chili’s. It was comped through American. So we splurged and even shared dessert.

 While we were eating, they made an announcement that our flight to Dallas had been delayed!

 So here we sit. We are full, patient, and still smiling! Who knows when we will get back to Dallas.

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