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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Family Time

I had all the family together this weekend. Justin, Jared, and Marilyn helped with our big evening meal last night for the September birthdays for Jonah, Glory, and Jenna. Marilyn and Rickie brought some of their salmon from their recent fishing trip in Portland. The joke was that we were eating $1500 salmon! Jared cooked it several different ways. Justin and Keelie added chicken fried steak and gravy - a family favorite. I did a "blast bar" (my version of Sonic blasts); the kiddos enjoyed making their own.  Can I just say Jonah, Glory, Molly, and Marlow add so much to our family?!

Today included a great day of worship at church with Jared, Jenna, and Marlow followed by lunch.

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