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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Jonah's Broken Arm

I'm a little slow documenting this, but during the afternoon of January 24, Jonah fell off a slide at a playground. He broke his left arm at the elbow. He was in surgery that night at Children's Medical in Dallas. The doctor had to stabilize it with three pins. He was such a trouper through it all. Thankfully, he got to go home the next day! Such a concerning thing for parents.....and Nanna! And Papa. And........

Although he has been running some unexplained low-grade fever, he is doing well. Praise!!

The "break"

(trying to smile for the camera)

Post surgery
(Glory sent Curious George to the hospital.)


  1. Poor kid! Glad he had great medical care!

  2. Oh, I hope he's doing okay now.

  3. I think the Lord sent me here today - to hear your song playing here today. I love it.

    Oh Lord- you never let go...

    Praying for your little guy here today. Recovery is still a long road ahead... and hard for active little guys. ;(