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Monday, January 21, 2013

Jerry's Dream ... Now a Reality

Jerry left here eight years ago to live around on the other side of the world. After teaching in a university a couple of years in China, he officially retired to just, as he says, bum around and experience the countries. He has traveled and lived in too many places for me to even remember. I just know it seems he has seen all of Asia.

Now the dream... to someday return and hit the road in an RV to just travel the roads of the USA.  

Rick had been helping us keep our eyes on the internet for a good deal on something that would be perfect for him.


This past weekend, this little number appeared. It seemed perfect for him. After several phone calls, Skypes, and emails sharing pics, he jumped out there and gave the "go" to get it for him. Let me clarify...he bought it. We just drove to Houston to get it. 

He will be returning to US soil for good (I think!) in a couple of weeks. He does have a current driver's license. So after he can prove to us he can drive it, we will let him hit the road. Not sure when that will be.......he likes to go REAL slow and drive on the shoulder when he's here!

HA HA ..... Jerry, I would say I'm kidding. But I'm not.


  1. GOD bless him! Looks like a sweet little rig. Some day Hubby and I want to do the same!
    Hope you New Year is shaping up nicely.

  2. LOL- I bet he will love every minute of his adventure- xo Diana

  3. Hi Diana, Wow what a find for Jerry. I often want to explore more of the US, in a slow and easy manner. I think this will be perfect for him.
    Blessings to you this day!

  4. how exciting...Had to stop by to check in...

  5. That's a beauty! You're just full of surprises!

  6. That is WONDERFUL! What a treasure to be able to see so many places! I hope he enjoys his continued journey. Thank you for sharing today! Simply God's Girl