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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Camping in the Hill Country

Earlier in spring, Rick and I cleared the calendars for a little camping trip that we both needed. We took the 5th wheel to Fredricksburg again. We had been camping there a couple of years ago; we always have such a good time in this area. On the previous trip, we had actually stayed in Johnson City, but this time we decided to stay in Fredricksburg itself. Good move!

We loved the campground. It was very close to downtown and had everything we needed it to have. You know like.....great wi-fi service!

While we were there, we also enjoyed:

**the new National Museum of the Pacific War carrying George H. W. Bush's name as well as the Nimitz which has been there for many years

**our drive to Luckenbach 

**meals and music on the patio of the Silver Creek Grill

**music show at the Rockbox Theater

**carshow (vintage cars)

**and........ an ice cream treat. Just one though!

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