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Sunday, March 20, 2011

 Lame Job/Great Weekend

To finish off spring break week, we took the RV to Marilyn and Rickie's lake property for the weekend. This was kind of like the kick-off weekend for spring/summer. Everyone contributed in some manner to help with all the projects.

My job was a little lame when you compare it to all the others (my arm was out of the sling but I was to be cautious). Don't laugh....I held the trashbags open so Marilyn could fill them with leaves.

Someone had to do it. She said it was a big help--honest.

Jenna trimmed a honeysuckle bush. It had grown in some wild fashion that prevented the gate from closing.

Rick helped with electricity stuff for their bunkhouse project. Hopefully, Marilyn will have pics of this soon over at her blog.

Spring Break 2011 comes to an end. Good news..... spring is here!


  1. At least you were able to get out and enjoy the fresh air! Looks like a great time to me! Have a good week and continue to heal!

  2. Okay- That is a it funny! Can you imagine finding that posted in the Help Wanted ads? One good bag holder needed. Did you make minimum wage or did you get paid in bed and board? Glad your arm is better and that you are able to be out and doing something! xxoo Diana

  3. So glad Spring has finally arrived! Looks like y'all had an enjoyable time cleaning up though!


  4. Every little bit helps!! So glad spring is showing its beautiful face.

  5. Chores get done so much quicker when you do them with friends.

  6. I can REALLY relate to "lame" jobs! Our whole move has been frustrated by my inability to pick up boxes and unpack the way I should/want to.
    Protecting my ribs and trying not to avoid a relapse.
    You were a big help to your friend and how fun to spend a wonderful weekend together!

  7. I love NanaDiana's description of a job posting! Too cute! However, I am sure that your family was A.O.K. with you taking it easy!

  8. Looks like you were a great bag holder! I will let you know when we thaw out and you can come hold my bag for me :)