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Monday, December 6, 2010

Blessed at a Mall Food Court

If you haven't seen this, watch just a couple of minutes at least. If you have seen it, well...I watched it several times! (Go down and turn off my music first.)


  1. I've seen this....and think it's awesome! :)

  2. Hi Diana,
    I have seen this about 4 times and every time I see it.......it just makes me cry....tears of joy to see how well rec'd it was in this country.
    Especially since this is not suppose to be a Christian nation anymore! Bah Humbug to that I say!! and there is another video where they did the same thing in Macy's of New York (I think it was on Nov. 30th) and it was very well rec'd too!!
    I reminded me of when I was a child before all this ridiculous political correctness junk and people actually sang christmas carol's about the true meaning of Christmas, and it was so wonderful!!
    Thanks for sharing it.........It is truly something to be thankful for in my book!!

    Blessings of peace, love and joy, to you during this Wonderful Season of Celebration of the Birth of Christ, Nellie

  3. I posted the same video last week. I've watched it several times and I get teary eyed every time. I would have loved to have been there. Can you imagine what a surprise it was for those folks? Wonderful witness...don't you think?

  4. I can't see this video enough! They even showed it on The View last week and that says a lot, since they aren't usually inclined to show anything with a Christian slant.

    Enjoy the season,

  5. I've seen a similar one. I love these "flash mob culture" things. :) And that song is just so stirring when done with such feeling and beautiful, powerful voices! :)

  6. I love this and yes, I've seen it, again and again. It's amazing and beautiful to watch.

  7. Amazing!! I love seeing this! Gives me chills.

  8. I've seen this a couple of times now- Isn't it amazing and wonderful!?! Hugs-Diana