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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jekyll Island

Jekyll Island is a beautiful island off the coast of Georgia. Vacationers flock the island for its hotels, resorts, beaches, and guided tours. We took a tour of the historical area as we made our way to Savannah during our first day.

The 240-acre historical area is most known for the Jekyll Island Club era from 1888-1942. Here there are over 30 buildings that surround the club building which are mostly restored "cottages." It seems that the rich and famous came to their Jekyll homes only January through March of every year to avoid harsher winters else where. Most of the homes had no full kitchens; all meals were prepared at the clubhouse. The meals were delivered and served by individual homeowners' staff.


Can you imagine...these were homes to families for only three months of the year?!

If I could just remember a third of all the information we were told, I would impress myself!


  1. What amazing structures! I'll have to put Jekyll Island on my 'must see' list. :-)

  2. How beautiful! I never heard of this place but it looks like another on my list too.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Blessings and love,

  3. Wow! Lifestyles of the rich and well-tended! :)

  4. Gorgeous- I was there sometime in the mid-1970's. It is just beautiful! Thanks for the memories! Hugs-Diana

  5. Very beautiful place, yep, only the movers and shakers went to that Island. That was were we were given the Federal Reserve in 1926 I think it was. They all met there. I always wondered where it was, so glad you shared your pictures of it.

  6. WOW! Beautiful place. A must-see. Add to my "Bucket List". Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  7. Oh wow! Gorgeous photos! Have a wondeful Thanksgiving!

  8. Never heard of this little spot in the world, so I really enjoyed this, Diana. I'll remember this when I go to Savannah someday.

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  9. My husband and I went to Jekyll Island for our honeymoon 34 years ago. Small world!! Isn't it pretty there? We had a great time! Sounds like your trip got off to a great start. Love & blessings from NC!