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Friday, June 4, 2010

A Quick Chat and Giveaway!

Just wanted to say "Hi" to everyone. We are having a great time. I had hoped to throw out some photos along the way, but our days begin early and end late. Tonight we arrived in Hyannis and will be ferrying over to Nantucket early tomorrow morning. I am looking forward to catching up with everyone soon.

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  1. Diana, I wish I had your energy! Thou art on the go again, it seems! Have fun; I went to Maine last year for my first trip east and loved it. May go again in a couple months:)

  2. Hi Diana! I am glad you are having a great time!
    God bless

  3. Sounds like a great adventure you are on!
    Have a great time.

  4. Sounds like so much FUN! Looking forward to photos of your trip... easiest {and cheapest} way to travel is through someone else online, LOL! Have fun for the remainder of the days there!

  5. Glad you're getting to do so much. Looking forward to seeing the pictures. Hope you're feeling okay.

  6. Hi Diana, Thanks for stopping by the other day. I've been on the road too, but am finally home. Sadly, hubby's off on yet another trip..but it's a good one. He and my son are headed to the national speech and debate tournament in West Virginia. They will also visit family in D.C. and my marine son who is stationed there temporarily.

    I look forward to see photos of your trip! It's so nice to spend time with the family on the road isn't it?

    I just posted pictures of a funluncheon in downtown Houston that Jacob and I attended at the Hilton with John Stossel as the main speaker! Jacob was thrilled! Our homeschooled kids got to attend this energy meeting with many of the oil businessmen and women in Houston. So fun!

  7. I have always wanted to visit up there! One of these days! Hope you are having a fantastic time, Diana!!


  8. Hi there!
    Good to see you are in my neck of the woods!! New England is such a great place to visit - the Cape is just beautiful and you'll love Nantucket. We used to take our bikes over on the ferry and ride around the island. I grew up in Seekonk, MA. (over near Providence RI) I hope you will be able to visit Boston - it's a great town with SO much history! Take the Duck Tour if you have a chance - it's fun and they show you a lot of the city. Have a great rest of your vacation!
    Laurie (will be moved to Texas from Maine in July)

  9. Just read your Bible quote at the end of your blog - Proverbs 3:5-6. That's what's bringing us to Texas. It's a huge leap of faith - but I know that He'll protect us and work it all out for us. Thanks for the reminder :)

  10. Hi Just wanted to thank you for stopping by and commenting. Love your blog and can't wait to look around.

    Sounds like a wonderful trip. Have a great time!