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Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Finds

I ventured outside for a few minutes this afternoon. I am sharing a few of my favorite sights and one not so favorite.


mini roses

Mr. Goose

Mrs. Goose headed back to get on her nest of eggs

Tree stump Rick has been burning

And now I bet you can guess my least favorite sight!


  1. I see an iris just like that every morning when I take Makayla to school. I love the spring.

  2. Such beautiful flowers. I am wanting to do a post on all the things that are blooming on our farm. Isn't the spring wonderful?!!

  3. Love all of your photographs! I do have to say I love iris's! My guess is the last one, but who knows!

  4. I adore irises. Someone planted many bulbs of them before we moved in this house, and each year it's a bit of a surprise when we see which colors come up where!

    Happy Spring!

  5. I was afraid your not so favorite sight was going to be our over grown yard!
    I have been missing your comments. Thank you so much for the one today! I will tell Jase.
    I hope you are feeling completely better from your surgery.

  6. Hi Diana, Thanks for dropping by. I had actually just stopped at your site a few minutes ago, when my 15 yr. old wanted me to video him juggling. Well, sometimes the computer just has to wait. :o)I'll be posting it tomorrow.

    These are beautiful and I too adore irises. I have ever siince I was a little girl and got to pick as many irises from a huge patch in a retired neighbor's yard as I liked. Mrs. Reid would sometimes braid flowers in my hair. Her's were orange..but I love any color.

    I really think that is when I first began to get inspired to write poetry. Flowers are like God's poems..especially in Texas..don't you think?
    Your pictures are really beautiful!

  7. Your pictures are lovely...even the stump...because it tells a story....

  8. Wow what beauty you have to photograph. It was cold here that past few days. No outdoor shots for me. Beautiful flowers.

  9. I am so looking forward to spring... it hasn't quite reached us :(
    Beautiful pictures, even the stump. Lol

  10. That iris....so so beautiful!!! One of my favorites.

  11. Mr. Goose is so handsome! And, the flowers are so perfect... always serves to make me grateful to a God who would gift us with such treasures!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Love your pictures. Hope you are having an awesome day.
    Blessings, andrea

  13. Great photos! Even the stump...just think about what new beautiful tree or beautiful flower or shrub you can plant in its place! I think I especially love that iris! Wow, they are just gorgeous. = ) Happy weekend, my friend.

    P.S. Thank you for your very kind comment.

  14. i'm going to guess the stump... we have one in our garage that my husband is trying figure out what to do with. someone else threw it away and he picked it up. it is HUGE. i feel your pain.

  15. Hello, new friend!
    I just caught your comment on someone else's blog, and decided to visit yours. I love the pics! I live in TN and have a daughter and grandchildren who live in Bedford, Texas. Come visit me sometime if you have time!
    Best regards to you,