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Saturday, April 3, 2010


We hit the ground running. We knew we had four days to cover as much ground as humanly possible. Marilyn had been there for eight days last year going day and night, and she didn't see everything she wanted to. She had made out a well planned itinerary for us to get the most out of our time though. By the end of the first two days we were grabbing the Advil. The second two days we continued the pace but it was easier on us because we had a couple of "riding" tours. Although it was impossible to get everything in that we wanted to, we did not feel cheated by any means. I think we truly wore our kiddos out! 

Some of the highlights included........

Washington Monument
Jefferson Memorial
Lincoln Memorial
Arlington Cemetery Tour
White House Tour
Capitol Tour
Holocaust Museum
National Museum of American History
National Air and Space Museum
Union Station
City Tour
Mount Vernon
Old Alexandria

Here are a couple of my favs from the National Museum of American History.

Julia Child's Kitchen

Dorothy's Slippers

At the Lincoln Memorial

Capitol Hill

Around Town

Almost forgot I had worked on this post (before my surgery).
Again...thanks for your prayers and emails.



  1. Looks like a great trip! Have a wonderful Easter weekend..Come say hi :D

  2. What an awesome trip! Love the photos. Happy Easter.


  3. What a wonderful trip! Great photos. Someday, oh someday, would love to go there :) Hugs to you - didn't know you had surgery! I'm behind! Take good care. -Tammy

  4. What a fun trip! I'm glad you had such a good time. Tiring, but fun! Thanks for sharing the photos. Easter blessings to you and your family!


  5. Looks like you had a great trip. We did this last summer. Fun, but tiring.. and no cherry blossoms for us. : ) Welcome back.

  6. Wonderful pictures. It's always great to get away. Have a blessed Easter!!!

  7. Julia Child's Kitchen...how exciting is that!! I wouldn't have been able to leave that exhibit.

    Looks like so much fun! Glad everything went well.

  8. It is an awesome place and you cetainly did well in your few days. AS you know, I have a list of Texas blogger also and would love to add you to my list.

    Happ Easter, Please come and follow along.


  9. hard to believe how much you can fit into one trip...

  10. Thank you for sharing your pics & posts. Looks like you had a great time, but I'm thinking it might have been a bit cool by the looks of those jackets?!!

    Be warm, and blessed ...

  11. Very cute blog! Love the pic of Julia Child's kitchen too. :)

  12. Oh my goodness, I can't believe all the ground you covered in those days. What an awesome trip for you all. I'd love to see the American History museum. Julia's kitchen would be a treat to see.
    ♥ Joy

  13. I've been to D.C. twice and STILL didn't get to see all I wanted to see. Every American should go. Glad you had the opportunity.

  14. What a terrific trip. I'd love to see Julia's kitchen some day.