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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Beauty All Around

These are samplings of the out-of-the ordinary sights we had a couple of days ago. Hard to believe we had a blizzard in North Texas. I know you ladies up north are SO use to this. But here in my neck of the woods this accumulation of the pretty white stuff is rare to say the least.


These are a couple of my favorite photos from a Valentine's Banquet that our church hosted for widows and widowers.

The Beautiful Dessert Table

Isn't this the CUTEST thing ever?


  1. Lovely 'postcards from home'. One of my friends lives in the Dallas area, and they received 6 inches of snow! Hard to imagine!!! We've had more snow here than I've seen in years.

  2. Love your snow pictures. I'm sure it's a treat to you in the south. I love the two pictures--strawberry dessert and the socks with hearts on them
    Hope you had a nice valentine's day

  3. What a sweet thing your church does for the widows/widowers for Valentine's Day. That is such a great idea. And that man's socks are adorable. What a cutie!! Loved your snow pictures. So unusual for Texas to get snow. Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. Diana, We had beautiful snow here, too, but it's slways wonderful to see pictures from you of our former neighborhood!
    And, I really enjoyed the pictures from the banquet, too. Our church here did that too, and Jase helped serve.
    Sorry, so long, but had to tell you that my post today was meant especially for YOU! and
    that my family's Valentine lunch was YOUR chicken taco soup!
    Thank you and Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. I'll be right over to have some of that strawberry trifle! Put the coffee on.

    Stay warm,

  6. I love how your church puts on a Valentine's Day dinner for widows and widowers. That is just so sweet.
    Snow...Yep. We get a ton every winter here in Michigan!
    I hate it, but my kids LOVE it!!!

  7. They had a banquet at our church today also for widows and widowers!! Hope you had a nice Day!!

  8. It is cute! Boy, thats quite a banquet...Yummy! Home cooking is always so good..and what a nice thing to do. I love the snow..beautiful pictures here..love them! Thanks for your kindness..come say hi any time :D

  9. Those are such fun pictures! We only got a morning of the snow and it was gone before I got off work, but we had our fare share of snow at Christmas. I love the idea of a Valentine's Banquet for the widowers and widows! Oh how I love a great get together with the older generations! Have a great week!

  10. Beautiful pictures. What came through Texas made it all the way to Georgia. First time we've had snow like that since 1989. It was really nice. Had a blast with the kids.

  11. The snow is beautiful. Didn't make it to Houston though. That is fine with me.
    Cute socks. What a great dinner to host for some wonderful people.
    ♥ Joy

  12. Those socks are sweet! And those deserts.....yummmm!!!! Glad to have found your blog! Happy Valentines Day! Patti in Texas

  13. Wonderful pictures! The socks took the cake! Would love to see whose face belongs to the socks.

  14. Beautiful snowy pictures! (Love the Valentine socks. lol!) Thank you for sharing. Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day.

  15. Hi Diana,
    Beautiful snow pictures, and as a fellow blogger who doesn't get much snow, I love to see it fall but doesn't want it to stay to long. lol.
    the food at the banquet looked so delicious and those heart socks are the cutest, thanks for sharing.

  16. Those are the CUTEST socks EVER!! Looks like Valentine's day was wonderful.

  17. What a sweet...sweet...sweet..thing your church does. That is just amazing.

    I LOVE the snow pictures.....very beautiful.

  18. Beautiful pics and I LOVE the socks! LOL

  19. I love all the snow pictures! We didn't get any of it down here in Austin!! So, I have had to live through all my friends pictures!!!