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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

 Easter Weekend

Gunter did not have school Thursday or Friday. So the kids got a nice break. Jenna, Marlow and Jackson came in on Thursday. Jared came up fairly early on Friday. We had planned to do our Easter on Good Friday at Marilyn's. So Jenna, Jared, Justin, Keelie, Chad, Tara and all the kiddos got to be with us.  

We had a charcuterie board for lunch and then for our Easter meal Justin grilled chicken, steak, and pork chops. We had our Easter egg hunt in between meals. That evening we had fireworks. 

Saturday everyone kind of did their own thing for lunch, but that evening we had a meal for Tara's birthday.

Sunday Jared, Jenna, and the kiddos went to church with us. We had leftovers for lunch at M's, and then they had to head to another Easter meal. 

Justin, Keelie and their kiddos had another Easter on Sunday.

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