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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Marilyn and Rickie Got Covid

Friday morning (Nov. 21), Marilyn woke up with a stuffy nose, but thought nothing of it. I had Marlow and Jackson, so we made a day of it. Saturday morning November 21, Marilyn woke up with an achy feeling and some congestion. She didn't have any energy so she laid around and took naps most of the day. Sunday she became a little suspicious so she chose not to go to church or to be around anyone. Monday she was still congested. She continued to stay isolated from everyone. With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, she knew that she needed to be tested before we all started getting together. She went to a drive through testing center at GCC. Tuesday afternoon at 6 PM she received the text that she was POSITIVE for covid.  So unfortunately, Thanksgiving gatherings had to be canceled for all of our families. 

Wednesday came, and she noticed that she could not taste or smell anything but felt good. Rickie had a mild sore throat so he decided to be tested also. He was positive. Marilyn and I did trade some food for Thanksgiving; we were very careful with meal prep. I cooked the turkey, cream potatoes, and vegetables. She cooked the dressing, rolls, and salad. 

Both Justin and Jenna had their thanksgiving meals at their homes. 

Fortunately, no one else got the virus.

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