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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Colorado Family Ski Trip 

Rick and I got to accompany Jared, Jenna, Shaun, Kelle, John, Martha, and all the little kiddos to Beaver Creek, Colorado last week. This was Marlow and Jackson's first time to fly. Shaun took care of the lodging. Everyone had their own bedroom and bath. The little ones had a bunk room with a playroom on the lower level. On the first full day some of the group tubed. Jenna and Jared skied three days while Shaun and Kelle skied a fourth day. Marlow, Quinn, and Kinley went to ski school for two days; they did great! The grandparents entertained Jackson; next year, he can go to ski school. We had some great meals and enjoyed some competitive card games at night. It snowed several times while we were there; the scenery was gorgeous!

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