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Thursday, July 4, 2019

July 4th Season

June 21 
The stand was delivered and UPS delivered the goods!

June 22
And so it began again....our hoopla building up to July 4th. Justin, Keelie, and the kiddos got in from their mission trip this evening. Jared, Jenna, and the kiddos came after Marlow's t-ball game this morning. Greg, Lisa, and the girls flew in this evening. Tim came over. We enjoyed our first meal (with stories and laughter) together. Marilyn and Rickie had a concert.

June 23
We had sandwiches at Marilyn's after church. The kids started sorting and stocking the stands. Jenna and Jared went back home and will return next weekend.

June 24
This was the first day that fireworks could be sold. Lisa flew home. Marilyn got to keep the girls all week while Greg worked.

June 25-27
North stand opened and had sales. The weather was great (meaning not HOT). This year two new twin mascots were added to the stand (thanks to Rickie). After two different "Name the Mascot" contests, "Bombshell Betty" and "Rocket Rhonda" proved to be fantastic additions to all the other props the north stand uses.

June 28 -30
Jenna and her clan were all back for not only the weekend but all the next week. Only Jared had to go back; he returned on Wednesday. Chad got to come through and spend the night. He had to go back home as Tara is due any time! The guys had a large private fireworks show Saturday night.

July 1-3
Sales and weather were great! All the kids enjoyed their "camp" with rhino rides, playing in the backyard little pool, smores, snacks, crafts, etc. Glory was a big help having her own craft time with the little ones that included cookie decorating and slime-making parties. Keelie took Marlow, Molly and Glory to Hagerman Wildlife Preserve for a picnic and nature time which was a hit, too. 

July 4
Marilyn and I cooked our 14th meal this evening for the clan. The guys had their three city shows tonight. 

As I always say....The last ten days were fun, busy, exhausting, and crazy at times. But what a blessing to have shared these days with ALL our family!

Can't wait for July 2020! 

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