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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Birthdays and a Painted Jeep

Jared, Jenna, and the kiddos came Friday afternoon. We had a birthday meal for Papa that night. Keelie and the kids came over. Marilyn made him a cute cake. 

All week Rick had been piddling in the shop and buying some supplies at Lowe's to get ready for Saturday. It was a big day. Jared came prepared to paint the jeep.

Rick turned the smaller shop into a paint booth. Jared had told him what to do. I was pretty impressed with it. 

By Saturday afternoon, the jeep was shiny.

It looks so good. Jared did a great job! 

Last night we had a birthday meal and party for Jackson; he's one year old. Man... that was a quick year. Marilyn made his cute birthday cake, too!

It was a great, fun weekend. We did miss Justin; he was on a youth retreat with their church. 

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