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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Maternity Leave Trip to Colorado

While Jenna was on her maternity leave with Jackson, she had really wanted to go back to Colorado. We left on Monday, June 12. We took Jackson with us. Marlow (because she despises her car seat as an eighteen-month old) stayed with her dad and other grandmother.

For the next three days, Rick, Jenna, Jackson, and I saw some of our favorite things in Pagosa Springs, South Fork, and Creed. On Thursday morning, we picked Jared up at the Durango airport. We stayed in Durango Thursday night. Jared and Jenna rode the train the next morning; we met them up in Silverton. Then we spent two nights there. Jared and Jenna rented a RZR and had a great time on the back trails. We also had a day trip up to Ouray which is one of our favorite spots. 

 And then there was this! Salted Caramel Funnel Cake in Silverton.

After spending another night in Durango on Sunday, we took Jared back to the airport on Monday afternoon. We started home as well. 

We enjoyed our time together. Jackson as a six-week old newborn was at the perfect age to take a road trip!  

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