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Friday, January 8, 2016

Surgery, Bible Study and Prayer

Rick's surgery date is Tuesday, January 19 in Dallas. We have pre-op stuff Monday, January 11.

Our family will be going on a road trip together the Tuesday after pre-op is completed.

"Fight Back With Joy"

My ladies' bible study group began the new winter study this week. We are doing Margaret Feinberg's study called "Fight Back With Joy." God led me to this study several weeks (months) ago, and I just couldn't wait to get started. We will learn that joy is the "weaponry you can use to fight life's greatest battles." Margaret knows this first hand as she is a cancer survivor. 

My Prayer

Margaret Feinberg based her bible study on the book she wrote by the same name. This book was a great read! So many things have already touched my heart. 

It seems that during her cancer battle many friends asked her, "How can we pray for you?" As she dealt with the question, she responded with "ZERO" and proceeded to explain this to her friends. 

So I asked my group to pray for Rick and me as we prepare for him to have surgery to remove the brain tumor. Here's my list.....

*zero surgery complications
*zero medical errors
*zero cancer
*zero suffering
*zero seizures
*zero worsening pain after surgery
*zero fear of the future


  1. Such a perfect way to ask for prayers. I will visit your blog each day and repeat your prayer.

  2. Praying for your hubby AND you, Diana. I know exactly what you are going through! xo Diana

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  4. Hi Diana,

    I haven't been on my blog in quite some time, but I'm glad I stopped in here today. I will be praying for your husband and his upcoming surgery for "ZERO" for everything you listed above in your posting that you are praying as well.

    Big Hugs to you,

  5. I have been praying for you my friend, and after reading your post I can pray more specifically. I can only imagine how you must feel, but I know that Jesus is able. More than able, to take care of your sweet husband and to calm the raging sea in your mind. He never fails. Never. Keep your eyes on Him and know that I am praying. I am expecting a good report!