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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Pics
and The Races

Rick and I got here yesterday at Texas Motor Speedway for race week. I had cleared the calendar for basically the whole week. Rick would have come even earlier had I not had a meeting yesterday morning. We are here until Sunday.

The rest of the family will be coming in at different times throughout the week. So excited for some good ole family time!

The RV is loaded down with all my stuff (magazines, books, etc.), Rick’s stuff (tv, satellite, etc.), and plenty of food. We are, for lack of a better description, just being little bums out here.  And that’s pretty fun! 


  1. Bum away! Good for you, Diana. You deserve to just have a little R&R in a RV!!!!
    It will be fun to see the kids/family, too. Those are really sweet pictures of the family. xo Diana

  2. Have fun! We live about 20 miles West of there!

  3. Sounds like the perfect time to have fun.