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Monday, January 26, 2015

RV and Rodeo 

On Thursday, we hooked up the 5th wheel and went to Joe Pool Lake again. I took my sewing machine to work on some quilting, my bible study material, and another book. What more could I need! Friday we spent with Jenna. After dropping her car off for some minor repairs, we had lunch. That evening she and Jared picked up food for dinner and came out to the lake. We ate and played cards. 

On Saturday I worked on my quilting project and read. It was such a beautiful day Rick and I walked  around the park. 

Yesterday, Jenna and Jared went with us to the Fort Worth Stock Show Rodeo. This is an annual event we always look forward to. It was also daddy's birthday. He loved that place and never missed attending the parade and rodeo each year!  Oh, the memories that overtake me every single time I see (or smell) the arena, animals, barns, flags....everything. 

We drove home this morning after breakfast. Ready to go camping again!

P.S. Happy Birthday (today), Keelie!


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! Blessings from Missouri!

  2. I grew up going to the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo and I truly miss it! We waited all year for that one event and we would go as many nights as we could afford!

    Great memories!

  3. I love Joe Pool Lake!!! We used to go to Cedar Hill State Park a lot! That was the very first place I took Amber and Ben to tent camp when they were little.
    Glad y'all had fun!