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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Back to a 5th Wheel

Yep. We recently traded in the class C and went back to a 5th wheel trailer. We missed the space that a 5th wheel gives you. The comfort, space, and storage in this one is so nice. We are truly "at home" in it.  

We just got back from another trip to Lake Joe Pool.  I took a couple of Christmas things and a strand of lights to decorate the RV with just for the fun of it. The lights were a little "Griswald" but who cares! We spent time with Jenna and Jared; they are about 15 minutes from the lake. Lots of good food, fun and house hunting (for them).


  1. I can see that it would be fun to travel short distances in an RV - and of course it definitely needs to have Christmas decorations. :-)

  2. I do remember you..thanks for the comment! I just don't 'get around' as much in blogland as I used to. : / I would love to do the RV thing. I love that you found one that works for you.