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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Brain Tumor Walk, Part 1

Several weeks ago, Jenna made plans to attend the Dallas/Ft. Worth Brain Tumor Walk to honor her dad. (By the way, he's doing well.) She got the information and went online to register a team for us. Our team's name was True Grit!

(Rick in the hospital in June 2012)

Here is Rick's story that was posted on the Brain Tumor Site......

True Grit

The Brain Tumor Walk is a fun and inspirational day where the brain tumor community unites to inspire hope and take action in the fight against brain tumors. 
I am uniting with others to make a difference in the fight against brain tumors. I am passionate about this cause so I am taking action!

My dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor in January 2012. In June, his tumor "stroked" causing him to lose his normal vision in the left eye. In addition, he lost feeling on the left side of his face. Although his physicians feel confident the tumor is benign, he continues to deal with the effects of this episode. He is being monitored with scans and remains optimistic there will be no additional issues. 

When he lost his vision in the left eye, he began wearing a patch. Because his family and friends knew he was an avid John Wayne fan, they affectionately began calling him "Rooster Cogburn" -- the main character from the movie "True Grit."
True Grit is a synonym for courage, honor, fortitude, braveness etc. Because my dad has exhibited all of these, I have chosen "True Grit" as my team's name!

Progress in this fight starts one team, one walker, and one dollar at a time. Like the National Brain Tumor Society, we are fiercely committed to finding a cure.


  1. What an amazing post!!! You have a brave husband as well as a courageous daughter! And I know YOU are a woman of faith! What a testimony your family is!

  2. I'm so glad that Rick is doing better. What a story! Taking action - like the Walk - is wonderful as your family rallies around not just Rick, but others that are dealing with brain tumors.

  3. Glad Rick is doing well. So grateful you have your faith to sustain you. True Grit...great name and great article by Jenna!

  4. Diana,
    I am sorry I missed this post, but glad to have read all seems to be well. My family is avid John Wayne fans, and True Grit is a motto. How beautiful for you and your family to have been able to have such a wonderful focus for your husband! It is very very fitting--"True Grit". My prayers continue!