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Monday, October 24, 2011

Fast Week

We had a birthday party for Chad on Sunday of last week. He left for Singapore on Tuesday. The next time we see him it will be Christmas and time for the wedding. Enjoyed getting some family time in!

I had to take another state test and hopefully my last one! If I didn't pass it, well.....I'll just say it was for practice and do the silly thing again.

Then we went to the Affair of the Heart craft show in OKC where 1,000,000 other women showed up.

Jonah, Glory and I made "RANGER" cupcakes Saturday afternoon to wish our Texas Rangers some luck. I guess it worked as we won the game. They are playing right now. We might should have made cupcakes again! We are behind.


  1. make some more of those cupcakes...we might need them tonight...lol

  2. When do we see pictures of your new kitchen?

  3. I was thinking about you today and I wondered what you had been up to I am glad you updated.
    You are so busy. The cupcakes look wonderful and so do your helpers. A wedding huh? I need one so I can get my house and yard in shape. :) They do make you work don't they?
    Have a good week.

  4. A Christmas wedding! How exciting! The Ranger cupcakes are darling and I'll bet just as tasty.

  5. You've been busy! When do you get your test scores back? We'll celebrate when you receive your passing grade! :)