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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Joplin Destruction

Earlier in the week Rick and I drove to Joplin, Missouri to get a firsthand look at the city after it was hit by the tornado back in May.  It was eerie, to say the least, driving down streets and streets of destruction. There were so many homes, businesses, and churches affected.

As I looked at the ruins of those homes, my thoughts were with each family. I wondered where they were living now. Or had they not even survived? (At least 134 didn't.) Would they be able to come back to the place they had once called "home?"

Would the business owners be able to eventually rebuild? Did the employees of all those businesses have the opportunity to find jobs elsewhere? So many out of work......

Where were each of the congregations having their services?

I wanted to find the hospital I had seen on television. It wasn't hard to locate. The structure/shell was still standing with steel everywhere. Across the street were white tents and some trailers being used as temporary medical facilities.

Please keep reading now about Mission Joplin.

"Mission Joplin is a new movement of action and life birthed out of the devastation and destruction caused by the May 22nd, 2011 tornado which ravaged Joplin, MO. We exist to connect and coordinate the volunteer efforts of eager organizations who want to give to and serve the immense needs of the city of Joplin and its residents during this time of severe loss." (Go here for more information.)

Keelie shared this with me; she is getting to go with some friends. 

As other weather-related victims from the past, these people need many prayers and so much assistance!

We can each do something---pray, give, or go.

Let's do it.


  1. I feel so sad for the people who went through that. I think the same things...where are they now and I hope they are doing okay.

  2. It seems the Media has forgotton Joplin. I hope they continue to get the help they need to rebuild their lives.

  3. Hi there, Thank you for reminding us that it isn't over for them. I remember the days of rebuilding after the tornado hit our town; it is amazing to me how quickly outside help arrived-the Red Cross and others who would help with rescue and cleanup. I love your songs playing too.
    Have a blessed Thursday Diana, Love Noreen

  4. Oh Diana, thank you for sharing this. These situations cause such a heaviness on my heart. I ache for those who go through such things. The photo of the standing Cross made me smile and remember that as long as God lives there is always hope. Thanks.

  5. Wow were you just sick? I am glad you took pictures because it seems like I never hear about the people who are still trying to survive.
    Thanks for sharing that link.

  6. WOW....beautiful pictures, but oh the destruction.....I always think about things like "did they know Jesus?" or where are they now...things like that....

  7. My husband and I just returned from a trip to Branson a little while ago. We stopped in Joplin for a bite to eat and saw some of the damage. (We didn't drive too far in.) I did see where the Home Depot had been and the tent they are working out of now. My thoughts immediately turned to the family of the dad with 2 children who attempted to take refuge in the Home Depot. So sad! We continue to pray for the victims of the Joplin tornado.

  8. It is hard to imagine that kind of destruction...losing everything. Thanks for reminding us about these folks.

  9. Wow those pictures really bring it home. The destruction was unbelievable. Have to say though that I love the cross still standing through the storm. Kindof symbolic...don't you think? He is our shelter in the storms!

  10. That is so tragic. Such devastation is unbelievable. It hurts my heart to know that folks died and others are wiped out of their homes and town as they knew it. I love the cross standing there in the middle of all the wreckage...

  11. I do remember this being on our news here in Australia Diana.. But unlike Katrina we have not heard another word of it.. As hard as they are to look at thank you for sharing these photos. and I will remember the people of Joplin in my prayers..
    Hugs to you Diana xo