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Monday, July 11, 2011

Hot Wheels

When Justin, Jenna, Greg, and Chad were growing up they loved their Hot Wheels. They would spend hours outside riding, racing, and jumping. I'm not sure at what age the wheels just finally fell off. 

It seems Jonah is doing the same. His knees don't hit the handles YET but if he keeps shooting up, it won't be long!!


  1. Oh I still love riding toys and mine too rode until the wheels fell off. Too cute.

  2. love it...my daughter was that way with her bouncy horse...she was 10 and still rode it...

  3. Hi there, When my nephew was three we got him one and kept it for our girls-who rode the big wheels until they were in grade school. We even had one for the oldest grands but they bit the dust. Don't you just love those toys that last through the years and continue to bring joy.
    Wonderful photo.
    Hugs to you today.