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Friday, February 18, 2011

Some things just go together for me. Like........

Oreos and milk
Peanut butter and banana
Diet coke and chocolate
Fish and ketchup

My mother-in-law loved chocolate cake and pickles together. As much as I loved her, I never figured that one out! What fun foods go together for you?


  1. Since I was a kid I think Hamburgers, french fries with ketchup.
    and a good old coca cola just seem to go together.

    Since hubbies heart problems we still have hamburgers, but we have it with garden veggie straws and ketchup. Reminds me of the old McDonalds fries with ketchup, only way healthier for you, and now we drink decaf coca cola.
    Makes for a fun yet healthy meal.

    Blessing,s Nellie

  2. Good coffee and a donut...(ooopps..forgot-I am off sugar);<( Coffee and apple pie...whooops-there I go again...Okay- Cheese and crackers~Diana

  3. Chocolate cake and apple sauce! Yum!

  4. Hi! Diana, well all of this sounds good...ketchup on everything around here! But I love cottage cheese and pineapple!or diet coke w/a snickers bar. Kinda sounds like the old RC and peanuts does'nt it? ha-Ha!

  5. Diana I love this post! We have some weird food combos at our house.

    Chili with a blob of peanut butter on the side.
    Spoonful of chili, bite of PB!

    PB, molasses and butter all mixed up and slapped on a saltine.

    Mashed potatoes and homemade noodles

    Cream cheese and pretzels

    Egg sandwich on whole wheat with butter and mustard

    Loose meat sandwich and ketchup and onion

    Ketchup and Chick fil a nuggets

    Jeans and cowgal boots!

  6. OOps! I didn't mean to double space.

  7. mustard and pickles
    oreos and milk (but i hate milk so I don't drink it afterward)
    chips and salsa
    hamburgers and milkshakes

  8. diet coke and pizza, diet coke and popcorn,and of course (being a Southern girl), grits and eggs!

  9. This is such an AWESOMELY sweet post! Look how we ALL identified with "go togethers"! Although I indulge in every one of the "go togethers" mentioned, my favorite is traditional buttercream icing/white cake (or traditional wedding cake) and vanilla ice cream, SLIGHTly mixed! YUM! My weakness!

  10. What a neat post! Some of the combos I wouldn't have thought of. My hubby would say ketchup and anything. I like so many that I won't try to list them all. One of my favs is unfrosted chocolate cake and a dollop of Cool Whip on top. Or cucumber slices with Ranch dressing. Yum...now you've made me hungry!

  11. I like the diet coke and chocolate. Sorta counteracts the guilt of eating the chocolate.
    popcorn and m&m's
    banana on cinnamon toast

  12. Diet Coke and Chocolate for me!

  13. Pie and coffee.
    Tea and cookies.
    Chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream.

    Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  14. Fish and ketchup?? Okay. :-)
    Well, I'd say my favorite combo is dark chocolate and hazelnut as found in the Ritter Sport bar. YUM. Then there's peppers and onions, and Good and Plenty. ;-)

  15. Oh how fun...what combinations...all good and my grandfather put peanuts in his Coke!

  16. ice cream and potato chips
    barbecue slaw burger on grilled bun(no meat, only slaw) with cheerwine cola
    Grits over sunny-side up eggs, mixed together

    Great post!!


  17. my Mom said she liked chocolate cake with pinto beans on top when she was pregnant with me....

  18. Crackers crumbled up and covered with milk! Eat from a glass with a long handled teaspoon!

  19. Wow! Some of you have included a few I have never heard of!! It's so funny to hear all these fun combinations.

  20. Ferg family combo I still haven't figured out: creamed corn over perfectly creamed potatoes. Such a shame to mess with the heavenly potatoes:-)

  21. I love chocolate with buttered popcorn or Hot Tamales, (the cinnamon candy) with popcorn. Yummy!

  22. Oreos and cran/grape juice. It sounds gross, but it's surprisingly tasty.